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Dunfermline Children's Gala

There are still some similarities between the Gala today and the original Gala; the children still walk down the High Street and end in Pittencrieff Park with a picnic lunch and games. But it is doubtful Andrew Carnegie would recognise the event today.

In 2006, the Committee acknowledged that the only way to halt the declining numbers attending the Gala was to bring the Gala into the 21st Century. As well as the many community groups, pipe and brass bands which take part, we also search further afield to bring in a range of spectacular entertainers.  In the past we have had everything from a giant caterpillar, mer-people, acrobats, chinese dragons, juggling uni-cyclists,  olympians, vikings, Captain Jack Sparrow, drumming ants, stiltwalkers, pirates and cowboys. 

The improvements to the Gala have clearly been reflected in the increase in numbers coming to the Town to watch the parade and the afternoon entertainment in the Glen.  It is the largest event of it's kind in Scotland and draws more people to Dunfermline than any other event.

Images from Dunfermline Children's Gala